Note: This web site is only kept up to date for OSG Software 1.2 (VDT 2.0.0). If you are looking for information for the most recent release, the RPM-based OSG Software 3.0, please see the OSG documentation web site




The Virtual Data Toolkit (VDT) is an ensemble of grid middleware that can be easily installed and configured. In our experience, installing grid software is challenging and time consuming. The goal of the VDT is to make it as easy as possible for users to deploy, maintain and use grid middleware. Ideally, you just type a single-command and you can immediately access grid resources or provide your resources to others. In reality, it is a bit more work than that, but not much.

Current Funding

The VDT is a product of the Open Science Grid (OSG), which uses the VDT as its grid middleware distribution. OSG, and therefore the VDT, are funded by the National Science Foundation and the Department of Energy.

Before OSG was funded, the VDT was a product of the GriPhyN, iVDGL, and PPDG collaborations.

Further Information