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Replacement Condor init script

The problem

The Condor Project provides an example init script, "condor.boot.generic", which many sites use to start and stop Condor. Unfortunately this script assumes that only one instance of Condor is running on a given machine. If there is more than one the init script's "stop" functionality will stop all of them. This is a problem when a site has their own Condor install running side-by-side with a VDT install of the "Condor" or "Condor-Cron" packages. For example, many OSG CE installations use Managed Fork (which uses Condor) and/or RSV (which uses Condor-Cron).

Please note: This is only a problem with Condor if you didn't get Condor from the VDT. The VDT-provided Condor (in recent VDT releases) has an alternate Condor init script that doesn't have this problem.

The solution

VDT releases include a patched init script that is more cautious and should only shut down the VDT provided Condor, so if you only get Condor from the VDT you don't have a problem. This won't help a site with a non-VDT version of Condor. To this end the VDT offers a new Condor init script. This script should be appropriate for all Condor installations. This script is cautious to avoid shutting down the incorrect Condor. It is not necessary nor recommended for versions of Condor installed from the VDT. (This script will likely appear in future Condor and VDT releases.)


Download the new Condor init script.

Using the new init script

To use the script:

  1. Replace any existing non-VDT installed Condor init scripts with the new Condor init script.
    • Mark it as executable:
      chmod +x condor.boot.2.generic
    • Give it the correct owner, probably root.
      chown root: condor.boot.2.generic
  2. Edit the script to update the configuration settings. For most Condor installations, you will only need to update two settings within the script:
    • CONDOR_CONFIG should be the full path to your main Condor configuration file. /home/condor/condor_config is a common location.
    • CONDOR_CONFIG_VAL should be the full path to the program condor_config_val. If Condor was installed in /opt/condor, this would likely be /opt/condor/bin/condor_config_val. You may wish to review the other settings in the new init script, but the defaults should be correct for most installations.

Integration into Condor

This new init script has not yet been integrated into a Condor release, but we expect it will do so in the near future (Summer/Fall 2009).