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Notes on CEMonitor

(Last updated on 22-March-2006 by Andy Pavlo)

Upgrading to a new version in the VDT

CEMonitor is packaged as RPMs, which we do not use in the VDT.

  1. Create a new release directory in the VDT software directory
    cd /p/vdt/public/html/software/glite-ce-monitor
    mkdir 1.6.0_1
  2. Update defs to reflect the new CEMonitor version
    CEMON_VERSION = 1.6.0_1
    CEMON_TAG = branch_1_6_0
    CEMON_DESC = gLite CE Monitor (INFN release from 2005-02-20)
  3. Download the latest server RPMs from INFN's site and place into the software directory created in the previous step
  4. Run make-vdt. This will unpack all the RPMs into a single tar file.
    cd vdt_src/CEMon
    ../make-vdt .