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Creating a dummy CA for the VDT's use

Update: on 2009-12-28, I discovered that the certificate for the vdttest user was only good for one year. Trying to re-issue the certificate from the existing CA turned out to be a waste of time, so I just made a new CA, and issued a longer certificate this time.

On 2008-12-23, I (scot) had to make a new dummy CA to generate the vdttest user's certificate. This is because we needed a CRL for our CA to test Glexec, but we cannot find the private key that signed the CA (Alain thinks Nate created it a long time ago). I made the CA and CRL file expire 10,000 days from now, at which point I suspect the instructions will no longer work. But just in case something goes wrong before that, the steps I followed are below.