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Test Platforms in the VDT

OSG-EDU machine overview

Machines to shut down (login to them via osg-edu)


Hostname OS Arch Hardware First Last Setup Notes
vdt-rhap5-ia32 RHEL 5 (AP) IA-32 1U SM 1.7.0 was vdt-fc4-ia32 (still contains old FC4 disk)
vdt-rhap5-amd64 RHEL 5 (AP) x86-64 1U new 1.7.0
vdt-centos5-ia32 CentOS 5 IA-32 1U SM 1.8.1 was vdt-rh9-ia32
vdt-centos5-amd64 CentOS 5 x86-64 1U new 1.8.1
vdt-itb Scientific Linux 5 x86-64 1U new
vdt-rhas4-ia32 RHEL 4 (AS) IA-32 1U SM 1.3.7
vdt-rhas4-amd64 RHEL 4 (AS) x86-64 1U SM 1.6.0
vdt-slf42-ia32 Scientific Linux Fermi 4 IA-32 1U SM 1.6.0
vdt-slf4-amd64 Scientific Linux Fermi 4 x86-64 1U SM 1.6.0
vdt-sl41-ia64 Scientific Linux 4 IA-64 1U SM 1.6.0 2.0.0p16 powered down 2010-04-30, SEP #3
vdt-rhas3-ia32 RHEL 3 (AS) IA-32 2U MW 1.2.0 2.0.0p16 powered down 2010-04-30, SEP #3
vdt-rhas3-ia64 RHEL 3 (AS) IA-64 1U SM 1.3.8 2.0.0p16 powered down 2010-04-30, SEP #3
vdt-debian5-ia32 Debian 5 (lenny) IA-32 1U SM 2.0.0 setup
vdt-debian5-amd64 Debian 5 (lenny) x86-64 1U SM 2.0.0 setup
vdt-sles9-amd64 SUSE Linux ES 9 x86-64 1U ? 1.8.1 setup
vdt-sles9-ia64 SUSE Linux ES 9 IA-64 HP desktop 1.3.8
vdt-macosx4-amd64 Mac OS X 10.4 x86 1U xServe 1.8.1 setup
vdt-macosx4-ppc Mac OS X 10.4 PPC 1U xServe never?
vdt-aix53 AIX 5.3 Power ? 4U IBM pSeries setup
vdt-centos-test CentOS 5 x86-64 1U SM Was vdt-c01, and before that vdt-rhas3-amd64
vdt-sl5-ia32 Scientific Linux 5 IA-32 1U SM Was vdt-c02 and vdt-slf3-ia32 before that.
vdt-bastion Scientific Linux 5 IA-32 1U SM Was vdt-c03 and vdt-rocks33-ia32 before that
vdt-c04 1U SM Has bad hard drive. Also, fails to power on.
Was vdt-debian4-ia32 and vdt-fc3-ia32 before that.
vdt-debian-test Debian 5 (Lenny) x86-64 1U new Was vdt-c05 and vdt-debian4-amd64 before that.
vdt-sl5-amd64 Scientific Linux 5 x86-64 1U SM Was vdt-c06 and vdt-fc4-amd64 before that.


 dead machine
 to be dropped
 not actively tested
 available for reassignment

Why Are Platforms Supported?

Alain and Tim updated this section on 2010-03-30.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 Flavors

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Flavors

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 Flavors

To be dropped soon (Spring 2010). See SEP #3.

Debian Releases

SUSE Linux Releases

Mac OS X Releases


Machine Setup Details

Tim once documented a bunch of specific setup requirements on a separate page. They may be out of date now.

Debian 5 (x86 and x86-64)

SL5 (x86 and x86-64)


AIX 5.3

See aix.html in the appropriate release directory.