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Re-building GAHP against a better Globus

This is no longer needed, since Condor 6.6.6 now links against a newer VDT Globus.

  1. Get GAHP from exteranls /p/condor/workspaces/externals, untar
  2. set GLOBUS_LOCATION to the right VDT Globus location
  3. Get /include/gcc32dbg/include/globus_config.h from a condor globus external (/p/condor/workspaces/external/globus...) and copy it to the corresponding VDT GLobus location
  4. Modify GAHP's makefile
    cat | sed -e 's|@globus@|$(GLOBUS_LOCATION)|' | sed -e 's|@flavor@|gcc32dbg|' | sed -e 's|@build_static@|NO|' | sed -e 's|@platform@|Linux|' > Makefile
  5. make condor_gahp.dynamic
  6. Get last version of Condor /p/condor/public/binaries/...
  7. Untar AS ROOT
  8. Untar release.tar in separate directory
  9. Replace sbin/gahp_server with freshly buiilt one (make sure the new gahp_server has the same ownership (root:root) and permissions (0755) as the old one)
  10. re-tar release.tar (make sure it's owned by root:root)
  11. re-tar condor binary
  12. Get make-condor-rpms script from Condor CVS
  13. Make RPM