Note: This web site is only kept up to date for OSG Software 1.2 (VDT 2.0.0). If you are looking for information for the most recent release, the RPM-based OSG Software 3.0, please see the OSG documentation web site

Making an Update to a Release

  1. Before you do any of this, make sure that the ITB release process has been followed. NOTE: You will need to coordinate with Suchandra because he needs to work with the GOC to update the OSG cache. Give him a heads up that you are doing a Pacman release; you will also need to let him know when you have updated the VDT production cache later.
  2. Make a backup on (this takes awhile due to a slow hard drive). Make other necessary pre-installs and back them up. (osg-edu is dead. Don't bother. -mat)
  3. Make sure you have an up-to-date checkout of the vdt-2.0.0-prod:
    svn update
    svn status --show-updates

    Or, get a new checkout of the branch to be released

    svn co $SVN/vdt/branches/BRANCH
  4. Merge the changes from the vdt-2.0.0-test branch to the vdt-2.0.0-prod branch.
  5. Make sure the defs file has the correct cache and release number.
  6. Set the DCACHE_VDT_VERSION and DCACHE_DCACHE_VERSION appropriately. Look on this page and get the latest released version numbed (do not take the version being tested).
  7. The list of packages to update should be in VDT-Updater/updated-packages.xml. You can double check this by inspecting the resulting diff during the merge. Don't forget that changes to the top level defs file may result in updating packages that aren't changed themselves (although this is rarer since usually the package's REVISION is updated).
  8. Ensure that the vdt-updater is prepared for this release. The files that needed to be updated with the new release number are:
    • defs
    • VDT-Version-Info/defs
    • VDT-Updater/make-package
    • VDT-Updater/updated-packages.xml
    • VDT-Updater/vdt/update/vdt-updater
  9. Make the release cache writable:
    afs_rseta /p/vdt/public/html/releases/RELEASE-VERSION condor:vdt rlidwka
  10. Run make-vdt on the list you generated before.
  11. Find and fix symbolic link problems.
    1. Edit /p/condor/workspaces/vdt/bin/find-cache-problems to ensure that it checks for the proper "bad" directory.
    2. Generate a list of files that need fixing:
      /p/condor/workspaces/vdt/bin/find-cache-problems RELEASE-VERSION
    3. Fix the files using the following command. Note that the LIST-OF-FILES should be the files in /p/vdt/public/html/software/ that were indented from the output of find-cache-problems, not the files in /p/vdt/public/html/releases/RELEASE-VERSION/cache/*.pacman. The files should be full, absolute paths.
      /p/condor/workspaces/vdt/bin/new-move-binary RELEASE-VERSION LIST-OF-FILES
  12. Copy the defs file in the release directory to make a versioned snapshot of it:
    cp /p/vdt/public/html/releases/VERSION/defs /p/vdt/public/html/releases/VERSION/defs.VERSIONpPATCH
  13. Lock permissions on the release cache
    afs_rseta /p/vdt/public/html/releases/RELEASE-VERSION condor:vdt rla
  14. Run test upgrades and kick off the test suite (if applicable).
  15. Fire off a set of tests on and against the new version. See manual testing instructions.
  16. IMPORTANT:Update OSG-EDU site. Don't announce the release until this is done. (Not important. It's dead. -mat)
  17. Tag the release
    svn copy $SVN/vdt/branches/BRANCH $SVN/vdt/tags/TAG

    Where TAG is something like vdt-2.0.0p21

  18. Talk to Suchandra so he can tell the GOC to update their cache. Hold off on doing the announcement until that happens.
  19. Write release notes and add to existing release notes document (may need to unlock the directory for this)
    fs setacl /p/vdt/public/html/releases/VERSION condor:vdt rlidwka
    cd /p/vdt/public/html/releases/VERSION
    cp release-letter.html release-LETTER.html
    edit release-LETTER.html
    edit release.html (point to release-LETTER.html)
  20. Relock the release directory when finished editing the release notes.
    afs_rseta /p/vdt/public/html/releases/RELEASE-VERSION condor:vdt rla
  21. Update the What's New? page.
    edit /p/vdt/public/html/whats_new.html
  22. Announce the release
  23. Edit the twiki page with release notes.
  24. Close out relavant tickets in crt.
  25. If applicable, stop testing 2.0.99 and start testing 2.0.89. This is controlled by a file in our subversion repository -> $SVN/tests/trunk/test-scripts/tests-to-run