Note: This web site is only kept up to date for OSG Software 1.2 (VDT 2.0.0). If you are looking for information for the most recent release, the RPM-based OSG Software 3.0, please see the OSG documentation web site

Using a Test Cache

There are times when you want to test changes to a cache (new or old) without modifying the cache itself or the SVN repository. You can do this sort of test using a test cache. You can have as many test caches as you need, and the changes you make in them are not required to be in SVN first.

Creating a Test Cache

To create a test cache, either copy an existing test cache, or just build a cache from scratch using make-vdt (it will be automatically created for you).

cd /p/vdt/public/html
cp -r <existing-cache-dir> test-cache/<login>

Changing a Test Cache

To make changes in your test cache use the normal make-vdt command with the --test switch:

cd <workspace>
svn update defs make-vdt build-scripts <package>
./make-vdt --test [Test cache name] <package>

You can optionally specify a test cache name. If you do not, your login is used.

Note: The svn update is there simply to remind you that make-vdt will not be checking SVN for you, as it does without the --test switch. If you are certain of the state of your checkout, you do not need to do this step each time.

Installing from a Test Cache

Installation from a test cache is just like a normal installation, but with the cache URL suitably modified:

pacman -get<login>:<package>

Running Nightly Tests Against a Test Cache

Manual Start

To run the test suite against your test cache on one machine, do the following:

/vdt/bin/vdt-run-install-tests --package PACKAGE --version test-TEST CACHE NAME

For example, for the bestman test cache.

/vdt/bin/vdt-run-install-tests --package XrootdFS --version test-bestman

Automatic Start

To add a test cache to the list of versions to install nightly, edit the tests-to-run file. Everything works exactly the same as numerical versioned caches, except use "test-TEST CACHE NAME" instead of the numerical version. For example, for the bestman test cache, here are the relavant snippets of the file.

 test-bestman, 1.10.98, 1.10.1, 1.8.1

   vdt-fc4-ia32, vdt-fc4-amd64, vdt-debian31-ia32
     VDT, OSG-CE, VDT-SE-Bestman, Bestman, Unsup-Xrootd, XrootdFS, Xrootd-GridFTP
     VDT, OSG-CE, VDT-SE-Bestman, Bestman, Unsup-Xrootd, XrootdFS, Xrootd-GridFTP

OSG Specific files

In November 2008, Scot added a new build-script that creates some OSG specific files in the test caches. This is so that admins who are doing testing for us from a test cache can install some packages the same way they would install them from the OSG cache. Currently, only the ce.pacman and wn-client.pacman files are created, but it is easy to add more. Just include extra files in the list in the build-scripts/ script.

In order to avoid extra wgets when make-vdt is run, the files will only be generated if they do not already exist in the test cache area. In order to force them to update, use the --force option:

./ --force --test [Test cache name]