Note: This web site is only kept up to date for OSG Software 1.2 (VDT 2.0.0). If you are looking for information for the most recent release, the RPM-based OSG Software 3.0, please see the OSG documentation web site

VDT Team To-Do List

Note: the VDT todo list is now tracked in RT. This is old and should be removed sometime soon.

VDT 1.3.10
High Priority
Nate Upgrade Apache to 2.2.0 (waiting for a new mod_python)
Alain In post-install documentation, divide into two sections, client and server, and discuss client. (From Ruth.)
Alain Document that PBS (and LSF?) logs need to be available on gatekeeper.
Alain Documentation web page links to confusing certificate authority page.
Alain With Jaime's help, get new condor-local jobmanager into the VDT. Install at the same time as the normal jobmanager.
Alain Get in patches from NorduGrid.
Tim I don't believe the instructions for updating the CA-Certificates at . They need to be updated.
Alain Track GSI Open SSH, get new version in when available. Make sure it has the new high performance patches, and respond to Rust #1268 and old Scott Koranda email.
Tim & Alain Add more tests to Globus test suite. Globus should be distributed with a test subdirectory that has a whole bunch of tests we can run, but we should write a couple of tests if we can't find them.
? edg-mkgridmap should be configured to have appropriate local gridmap file in $VDT_LOCATION/etc/grid-mapfile-local and do configuration with gmf_local /opt/osg/edg/etc/grid-mapfile-local. Put instructions into post-install to guide people on configuration.
Nate Run Globus in Tomcat
Nate Add NMI build and test software to the VDT, configure, including MySQL (all prereqs in, waiting on NMI)
? Finish AIX packages
? Figure out Java on AIX.
Alain Work with Nick to fix Nest in the VDT.
? LCG jobmanagers, or something like them?
? Add BDII
Nate Configure jClarens publisher
? Get GIP to report to CEMon
? Rebuild PRIMA without dynamic linking against Kerberos.
? 64-bit PRIMA build.
Alain Clarify how questions work with y/n/skip
Medium Priority
Alain Installing Globus-WS-Client installs the Globus container, and asks people if they want it to be run. Ugh.
? The Globus-Base-WSGRAM-Server package doesn't work on it's own. The container fails to start and the container.log file says Failed to start container: [Caused by: java.lang.reflect.InvocationTargetException]
Nate Get PyGlobus to work with newer MyProxy releases
? Generate documentation of what tests we run for the VDT. Generate it from the .t files?
? Fix dual downloads in make-vdt
? Build CEMon ourselves
Alain Finish component docs.
? Add Logging and bookeeping from EGEE.
Nate Upgrades (pending Pacman improvements)
? Some sort of support to help people understand the VDT's relationship to firewalls (documentation) and probably a configuration script to accompany it
? Add Condor-G tests to the Globus WS test suite
Tim Try to make VOMS & VOMS Admin work with non-empty root password
Low Priority
? Mac OS X support for Globus-Client, Condor-G and VOMS-Client
Alain Improve Globus-User-Environment
? Figure out why the MLD init on ROCKS runs ssh-keygen.
? Don't configure Condor jobmanager when not wanted. Ditto for monitoring.
? How do we test PBS, LSF, SGE, and Fermi job managers
Alain Install Globus Core correctly. (GPT has the wrong version)
? Propogate GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE as needed? See VDT-support #481. In general, help people with firewalls. configure_vdt_for_firewall, docs, etc.
Alain & others Work on support for AIX 5.2.
Alain vdt-version - display actual versions (i.e. call condor_version, ftsh -v, etc)?
vdt-lint Crawl over installation and look for things that might be screwed up. Possibilities: hand-edited setup files, files on NFS that shouldn't be, messed-up config files, executables with unresolved libraries, etc.
Alain Give advice or script to users that want a shared Condor setup not installed as root.
? Move all logs to /vdt-app-logs
Completed Tasks
Nate Build more PyGlobus modules
Nate Upgrade PPDG-Cert-Scripts
Nate Add Time::HiRes package to Perl modules. Remove known problem from 1.3.10 once this is done.
Nate Add other missing perl modules -- DB_File, Archive::Tar, XML::Parser::EasyTree
Nate Make sure we only install one of VDS and VDS-Worker.

High Priority
Nate Switch to a real ticket tracking system already.
Alain Post past software submission forms
? Document interoperability of VDT versions and software within VDT versions.
Alain Better Pacman 3 documentation, note no Pacman 2.
Alain Better VDT-Client documentation (See email from Alan Sill)
Alain VDT paper
Medium Priority
? Get RPMs for all of the VDT
Alain Help Alex Sim build DRM on NMI
? Simplify and lock down the VDT’s Tomcat configuration
Completed Tasks
Tim Build GT2 in new world order
Tim IA64 support for Erwin. condor-support #1276