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Preserving VOMS Configuration

Detailed Copy/Merge Notes

The biggest issue we face with VOMS is (effectively) running configure_voms once for each VO in the old VDT. If that is done, then most of the files for each VO will be created/modified in the new VDT and there’s little else to do.

Here are my notes from looking at individual files for what will need to be done.

Contains port number, which needs to come from the old VDT. Several values contain $VDT_LOCATION, which will have to be changed to the new location. The VO name, database name, and MySQL username should be the same. Alain: For now, keep new file and preserve old port.
The vomses entry includes the port number, so we need to get that.
Same as above — includes the port number.
Contains lots of settings, but fairly obscure ones that most users won’t change (I think). For now, just get the mail settings.
Needed for allocating ports to new VOs. Probably not strictly needed — the process of creating all the VOs in the new VDT should take care of this — but possibly useful and very easy.
MySQL database
Obviously, this is a very important piece to bring across. But what about tables like queries and requests, which seem to exist for transactional logging? And what about the *d tables, which appear to hold deleted entries from the like-named counterparts? For now, the strategy will be to copy everything — in part because that’s what the developers said to do.

File Details

Path Source Notes Copy?
glite/sbin/voms-admin-configure VOMS Admin tarball hacked in configure_voms to fix bugs no
glite/log configure_voms created empty no
glite/tmp configure_voms created empty no
glite/etc/profile.d/ configure_voms sets VOMS server user; read by init script no
glite/etc/voms/ voms-admin-configure database schema template? no
glite/etc/voms/ voms-admin-configure database schema template? no
glite/etc/voms/ voms-admin-configure database schema template? no
glite/etc/voms/VO/voms.conf voms-admin-configure patched in configure_voms yes/fix
glite/etc/voms/VO/voms.pass voms-admin-configure VOMS database user password no
glite/etc/vomses/VO configure_voms generated vomses entry, extra final column yes
glite/share/webapps/glite-security-*/ configure_voms unpacked webapps used during install no
glite/var/etc/voms-admin/voms-siblings.xml voms-admin-configure original siblings webapp context file no
glite/var/etc/voms-admin/VO/voms-admin-VO.xml voms-admin-configure original VO webapp context file no
glite/var/etc/voms-admin/VO/vomses voms-admin-configure vomses entry for the VO yes
glite/var/etc/voms-admin/VO/ voms-admin-configure webapp database config file no
glite/var/etc/voms-admin/VO/ voms-admin-configure webapp config; patched by configure_voms no? merge?
vdt-app-data/voms/last_port configure_voms last (greatest numbered) port issued to a VO yes
post-install/voms configure_voms patched version of default init script no
vdt-app-data/mysql/var/voms_VO voms-admin-configure MySQL database yes
vdt-app-data/mysql/var/mysql voms-admin-configure MySQL system database — new user, etc. no
apache/conf/httpd.conf Apache configure_voms adds webapp mount points no
apache/conf/extra/httpd-ssl.conf Apache configure_voms adds URL rewrite no
apache/htdocs/index.html Apache patched by configure_voms to add VO link no
tomcat/v5/webapps/voms* configure_voms installed webapps no
tomcat/v5/conf/Catalina/localhost/*.xml configure_voms installed context files for webapps no

Changes from Running configure_voms

I took a snapshot of the VDT before and after running configure_voms for the first time as root, and this is what I found.