Note: This web site is only kept up to date for OSG Software 1.2 (VDT 2.0.0). If you are looking for information for the most recent release, the RPM-based OSG Software 3.0, please see the OSG documentation web site

Web Server

Computer is currently hosted on teal:

> nslookup

Non-authoritative answer: canonical name =
We're running Apache 2.0.x. Logs are in: /etc/httpd/logs/ which is also /var/log/httpd/


Memory on
CPU on
Load on
More graphs about
Graphs for other machines in the department


If the .htaccess isn't working, it's because AllowOverride needs to be set. Right now we have:

> cat /etc/httpd/conf.d/00-localhost.conf 
<Directory "/p/vdt/public/html">
    Options Indexes FollowSymLinks MultiViews Includes ExecCGI
    AllowOverride All

If the MIME types ever get set incorrectly, we can do

DefaultType text/plain
to get any old plain files to look like text, and we can do
AddType text/plain .diff
to set it for a particular file type.