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VDT Office Hours 28-April-2005

At the GriPhyN all-hands meeting on April 28th, 2005, we had a discussion about the VDT, and it included a discussion about how the biweekly phone conferences have stopped because they were not perceived as useful as a working group meeting. Ruth Pordes, in her role as part of the Open Science Grid and USCMS, pointed out that there was value in the meeting though, because people could stay up to date on the state of the VDT and have a forum for discussions about the direction that the VDT is heading. Other people, such as Mike Wilde from GriPhyN, agreed. After some discussion, we decided to have weekly VDT office hours.

Ruth would like to see the questionnaires that people have filled out when they request software be added to the VDT. Alain agreed to to get them on the web soon. Once they are on the web, it will be apparent that not all software has a corresponding questionaire, and the VDT team will work hard to ensure that it does in the future.

Scott Koranda from LIGO asked about support for other platforms, particularly Mac OS X. There was some general discussion about platform support, and a few things were agreed:

It would be useful for the VDT to provide some documentation about interoperability between versions. Can VDT 1.2.x clients submit jobs to VDT 1.3.x clients? Does voms-proxy-init on VDT 1.3.2 work with the VOMS in VDT 1.3.5? A full compatibility table may be very difficult to create, but the VDT team can (and will) get some basic information online that can be expanded as we have time.