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VDT Office Hours 12-May-2005

Earlier this week, the VDT team sent out email asking about a potential move to version 4 of the Globus Toolkit. Here is the email:

Date: Tue, 10 May 2005 17:20:39 -0500
From: Alain Roy
Subject: VDT Question: moving to GT4?

Hi Everyone,


The VDT team is considering moving from Globus Toolkit (GT) 3.2.1 to GT 4.0 in VDT 1.3.x, and we'd like your input on it.

More Thoughts

We envision a transition that would go something like this:

Version X: Replace GT 3.2.1 pre-web services with GT 4.0 pre-web services. Ideally there will be no visible change to users, but we need to test this. GT 4.0 web services will be an optional install, but with no configuration or help for setting them up.

Version X+1: We'll configure the new GT 4 GRAM service, and the pre-web services will still remain as is.

Versions after X+1: We expect that the pre-web services and web-services will both continue to be part of the VDT as long as they are both in demand. We'll add support for other GT 4 web services as it seems reasonable.

All of this depends on GT 4.0's pre-web services being at least as good as GT 3.2.1's pre-web services, so that we can make a smooth transition. We expect that they are, but we haven't done any testing yet.

Version X would probably be VDT 1.3.7 or 1.3.8. That is, it won't be the next release of the VDT.

Why do this now? There are at least three reasons:

  • Some VDT users are interested in trying out the new web services, so this transition plan makes it easy to try them out while retaining the old functionality.
  • Some platforms (particularly Mac OS X) have better support in GT 4.0, and it will make it easier for us to add support for them in the VDT.
  • Better support from Globus folks since this is the current release.

    Your Thoughts

    What do you think? There are at least four good ways to tell us your thoughts:

    1. Respond to this email.
    2. Join us for this week's VDT Office Hours on Thursday, 11:00am Central
    3. Send email to
    4. Send email to me personally
  • Response to this question were encouraging: everyone that responded said that they think it's a good plan, and we should go ahead with it. Therefore, the VDT team has decided to proceed with this plan. We do not yet have an estimate on when we will release the VDT with Globus Toolkit 4 because it depends on how well our testing goes. We would like to release it by mid-June 2005, but it may well be later.