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VDT Office Hours 02-June-2005

Issue of the week: What should be in VDT 1.3.7?


Bockjoo asked about jClarens. The new version, jClarens 0.6.0, has been added to our pre-release of VDT 1.3.7. He's worried that it might be missing something that USCMS needs. He'll try it out and let the VDT folks know if anything is missing and needs to be added.

Ian Fisk reported a problem in VDT support ticket #584 about the grid monitor failing catastrophically. He now believes that it's a problem with the GASS cache, and asked for some assitance in learning more about the GASS cache. Alain agreed to send him the code and hook him up with the developer, who happens to be from the Condor project.

John Weigand saw an email from Alain that talked about potential issues as the VDT migrates to GT4, and PRIMA was mentioned. Just to be clear, we don't know of any PRIMA issues with GT4, but it was just an example of something we link against Globus, so it's possible that it could have a problem with GT4. We're optimsitic that the transition will be fairly smooth, but these are the sorts of issues we will double-check as we proceed.