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VDT Office Hours 28-July-2005

This was an unusual office hours because it took place at the recent Open Science Grid consortium meeting. Alain Roy from the VDT team was present, and people were welcome to talk to him during the office hours.

Alain had a good chat with Shaowen Wang from Iowa about the Generic Information Provider (GIP). Shaowen has come up with modifications to the VDT's GIP configuration script to make it easier for people to get a good configuration, and he will donate his changes to the VDT in the near future. He's also working on interoperability with LCG's resource broker, and may be offering some changes in the future to support that.

Alexandre Vaniachine talked with Alain about MySQL briefly. He might be interested in adding a "Grid MySQL" to the VDT in the future.

Stu Martin talked with Alain about the VDT's move toward Globus 4. We're making good progress, but a bit slower than we had hoped.