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VDT Office Hours 28-July-2005


Conrad joined today to talk about getting Clarens into the VDT. The VDT team (mostly Nate Mueller) had been working on it, but work had stalled both due to difficulties in getting it into the VDT and due to other, higher priority tasks. We now have time to work on it again. Nate talked about our main problem with Clarens: it has a large number of dependencies that are hard for us to sort through because we can't just use the RPMs from the Clarens web site. This task is complicated by the fact that some of the dependencies are unmodified, while other have been patched for Clarens. Conrad agreed to help us out by coming up with the minimal set of dependencies including patches.

David asked questions about Condor. He wanted to know why Condor sometimes re-runs jobs when it can't access files (because it's hard to tell the difference between "file really doesn't exist" and "file is temporarily unavailable due to a missing file server".) and how Condor works with VOMS proxies (as of 6.7.9, vanilla jobs can forward proxies but they do not renew them. Renewal will happen within the next several weeks).