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VDT Office Hours 01-September-2005


Andrew called regarding a Condor admin ticket he had sent in a few days earlier. He also asked whether the VDT will work on 2.6 kernels. For the most part it will, but Scott mentioned that LIGO has had problems with Condor's standard universe and the most recent FC3 kernel update. We have a workaround can help Andrew out if he needs it.

Scott had two issues. First, he wanted to know if we could install MySQL in a way that it wouldn't interfere with one that's already running. This is easy to do for RLS (what Scott cares about) but trickier for other services since Java can not talk to UNIX sockets. Scott sent in info about how LIGO is currently handling this and we'll try to do something similar in VDT 1.3.7. Scott also asked about the possibility of using Pacman to update a single package. Now that we've switched to Pacman 3 syntax this should be possible, but we're still evaluating it.

Leigh had a long list of questions:

Conrad called in to discuss the state of Clarens. I (Nate) have been out of the office lately so not much has changed. Conrad had done some more debugging, found some more problems and fixed all but one of them. As we see it now, Clarens should fall into place as soon as I rebuild Python.