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VDT Office Hours 22-September-2005


State of VDT 1.3.7

We're getting close! We had two major Globus problems blocking us this week, and both of them were resolved. Hopefully GT4 web services will be finished up soon. We're shooting for a code freeze in a week--cross your finger that we'll make it.

VOMS Testing

A while ago, we discussed the idea of using the nightly VDT test infrastructure to do nightly builds and tests of the latest PRIMA and VOMS source code (probably pre-releases) to ensure that they continue to work together smoothly. Ruth would like to begin this work, and says that she has people that can work on it. Alain sgugested that this work begins after VDT 1.3.7 is released.


Vikram successfully built PRIMA on RedHat 9 with the NMI build and test lab. Alain recommends trying to build on RedHat 7 and RedHat Enterprise Linux 3 on x86-64 to see what happens. Vikram was worried that he didn't know what changes to make to get it to build on a 64-bit platform. No one knows, so Alain recommended trying it out and seeing what breaks.

Vikram asked about PRIMA on GT4. Ruth suggests that it should probably be a very high priority. Vikram is likely to be the person working on it.

Generic Information Provider

Ruth asked about the Generic Information Provider (GIP). Alain said he would follow up with Shaowen and see what the current state is, and whether it should be in the VDT. Ruth was worried about testing it. Alain understands that some testing has been done by Leigh and Frank.

Pre-release confusion

Ruth asked about people installing VDT 1.3.7 and getting confused when it was totally broken. Alain explained that it wasn't ready yet, and the software was in flux: at any given time, there is a decent chance that it's broken because changes are being made and people might attempt install work in progress.

It became clear that people are confused, in part because VDT 1.3.7 has a nice web presence that seems to indicate it's working. This is part of our development process: we work on the documentation at the same time as we work on our code. We decided to clearly indicate on any development release web pages that it is a work in progress. By the time these notes were written, this notice was already on the web pages: VDT 1.3.7 documentation.

We'll consider doing something similar to the Pacman installation, so people get a warning when they install.