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VDT Office Hours 06-October-2005


State of the VDT 1.3.7 Release

VDT 1.3.7 is nearing release. We've reached our one week of testing, but there are still some problems, and our tests are not passing on all platforms. We expect to resolve these problems soon. We refuse to release on a Friday, so hopefully we'll release on Monday or Tuesday.

Leigh asked why, when she used globusrun-ws she didn't see her job's output. Alain told her to use the -s (streaming) option or -so (standard output) to get the output.

Leigh also asked why Globus-WS isn't in the VDT-Gatekeeper package. Alain explained that the theory is that because web services are new in the VDT, we thought it shouldn't be the default until people are comfortable with them. That said, we're willing to switch this if anyone cares.

Updates will continue to work pretty much as they always did: install a new VDT. We're still working on improving this, and it will happen soon.

Leigh and Alain talked about moving from MDS2 to plain, vanilla OpenLDAP. We both think it's a good idea. Leigh will bring it up in the OSG deployment meeting. Alain would attend, but he'll be at Fermilab. Leigh suggested that maybe we could use the OpenLDAP that comes with most OSes. Maybe, we'll see.

MDS 4 is in VDT 1.3.7, but we don't have much experience with it. The GIP does not report to it--it creates LDIF output and MDS 4 is XML. We could make it work with it though, if it was a priority. Perhaps a GIP/MDS4 expert could help out the VDT team.

VDT 1.3.7 doesn't use Tomcat to contain the Globus services, but we hope to in future. It's a bit tricky with Apache and Tomcat, and we need to keep using Apache: More information.

vdt-app-data stores information that needs to be saved between installations. For instance, it includes the MySQL databases. We'll try to write up how it works.

For now, the mysql root password is clear, but future VDT releases will hopefully be better.

Vikram hasn't had time to continue building PRIMA for the VDT, but he hopes to try building on more platforms shortly. Vikram hasn't begun work on the GT4 version of PRIMA yet, but hopes it will be done by mid to late November.