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VDT Office Hours 10-November-2005


Shared gram_condor_log

Burt asked about VDT Support Ticket #1123, in which he seems to have a shared gram_condor_log: multiple user jobs share it, but it's only writable by a single user, and this causes failures. Alain is still looking into it, and coordinating with Burt

GridFTP log and MonaLisa

In VDT 1.3.7, the shift to Globus 4 moved the location of the GridFTP log file from $GLOBUS_LOCATION/var to $GLOBUS_LOCATION/var/log. Unfortunately, Monalisa looks for it in the former location. For VDT 1.3.8 we'll put a link to it so that MonaLisa can find it in either location, and we'll note this as a known problem in VDT 1.3.7.


Vikram asked about the 64-bit pre-web services build. Alain from the VDT team has been working on it, and he told Vikram exactly the changes he's made so far. It still doesn't work, but progress is being made. The changes are:

Vikram is waiting for a new build from the VDT to deal with an authorization problem that is holding up the web-services version of PRIMA. Alain told him that it's not hard to build a one-off version of Globus with the approrpriate fix, and it will be faster than waiting for the VDT, which has to get a real patch from the Globus folks.