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VDT Office Hours 18-December-2005


VDT 1.3.9

We talked about the state of VDT 1.3.9. It is planned to be released on December 12th, 205. It is just a few bug fixes to VDT 1.3.8, as well as a new version of MonaLisa and some minor changes to the generic information provider. Complete details. People suggested holding off on the new MonaLisa unless it contained bug fixes necessary for OSG. [Ed. Note: there were such bug fixes, and we took the new version.]

Job Environment

John Weigand asked about the new Job-Environment package. Nothing was showing up for him. We promised to check it out. [Ed. Note: This turned out to due to the VDT looking at the wrong file after the name was changed in OSG.]

GridFTP in Globus clients

Stu and Alain talked about GridFTP. Currently the Globus clients and Condor-G require GridFTP to be set up on the client. Although it's possible for non-root users to set up a GridFTP server, it's not convenient. Both Globus and Condor intend to make the clients start up a GridFTP server to assist users. Stu and Alain agreed to talk about this further in another phone call.


Vikram reported that his problems with the VDT were due to running out of disk space, and he's gotten past the problems.