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VDT Office Hours 15 December 2005


VDT 1.3.10

Burt Holzman asked about plans for VDT 1.3.10. The VDT team listed some of the planned changes, including adding more GT4 tests, running GT4 WS GRAM in Tomcat, and looking into adding the LCG jobmanagers. Also, there was a brief discussion about having separate packages for the full VDS and for a worker-node subset of the VDS. [Ed. note: VDT 1.3.9a was later announced with preliminary support for a VDS-Worker package.] Finally, there was a question about recent changes to the Globus Toolkit, and it was pointed out that GT had gone from version 3 in VDT 1.3.6 to version 4 in VDT 1.3.7 (and hence 1.3.8 and 1.3.9).

Generic Information Provider

Anand asked about the Generic Information Provider (GIP) in VDT 1.3.9 and whether there were any issues with it. The VDT team was not aware of any. However, getting the GIP to report to CE Monitor is a task planned for VDT 1.3.10.