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VDT Office Hours 19 January 2006


Nate Mueller leaving the VDT

The VDT team is sad to announce that Nate Mueller will be leaving the VDT team in early February to

Perl problems on 64-bit architectures

Last week, we wrote:

Some people want to install the 32-bit version of the VDT on 64-bit architectures. There is a hack to get this to work, but it fails for some users when using the Perl libraries. This is because we distribute 32-bit Perl libraries, but a 64-bit version of Perl is compiled. Users will need to install a 32-bit Perl and have it in their path.
We didn't fully understand the issue: some scripts in the VDT have a hard-coded location for Perl. We will try to fix this for VDT 1.3.10. Also, we will consider installing Perl for users that want a 32-bit install on a 64-bit architecture so that they don't have to deal with this at all.


John Hover is continuing to look into the memory consumption problem in GUMS. It does appear to be releated to failures: when a VOMS server cannot be contacted, memory usage increases. John is only 20% time on GUMS and he is still learning his way around the code, so it may be a while before we have a solution.

64-bit PRIMA

There is now a 64-bit version of PRIMA. Vikram will work with Alain to get it building in NMI. He had a problem with a download failing that is part of the build process, and he should be able to simply find another download location.

Functional Testing

Burt says that John Weigand will have some time dedicated to helping the VDT with functional testing, particularly for compatibility testing between GUMS, PRIMA, VOMS and VOMS-Admin. Burt, John, and Alain will have a phone call soon to work out the best way to approach this. Some of the tests can be rolled into the VDT certification tests (which requires collaboration with us), while other tests may need to be outside the VDT.