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VDT Office Hours 23 February 2006


New VDT staff: Andy Pavlo

Andy Pavlo, a member of the Condor staff, will be working on the VDT for at least a few months, until we are able to hire more VDT staff. He is replacing Nate Mueller, who left a couple of weeks ago.

VOMS URL Rewrite

There was a problem with the new VOMS Admin: although we were rewriting the URL, folks that use edg-mkgridmap and the old URL were not being properly redirected. Tim tracked down this problem and fixed it in VDT 1.3.10. For those folks using older version of the VDT, you can find the fix in VDT support ticket 1474.

Ticket Interaction with the GOC

The VDT has been receiving tickets from the GOC with no indication of who originally submitted the ticket, so we requested that this information be included so that when we respond we can include this person on our responses directly, thereby increasing the speed with which we can get information back to people. Rob Quick from the GOC thinks it is a good idea, and they will change.

The GOC will also provide the VDT with a login to their ticketing system so that they can follow along with the ticket's progress.