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VDT Office Hours 16 March 2006


Missing CRLs

Doug Olson has looked at the most recent CA release (v12). Some CAs CRL is empty, and others have no crl_url file. These are:

State of VDT 1.3.10a

Four bugs were fixed in VDT 1.3.10a, which will be released today.

site_verify and managed_fork

John Weigand reports that site_verify fail when using the managed fork job manager. Rob Quick reports that gridcat fails when using the managed fork jobmanager. We believe the managed fork job nanager is working correctly and these are likely problems in those tools, but we don't konw. Alain wants to understand what the problems are, in case it's a sign of a deeper problem that needs to be fixed in the managed fork jobmanager or the VDT.

64-bit installations

Burt told us about his testing of 32-on-64 bit and 64-bit installs. Functionally everything seemed to work, except for MIS-CI which is linking against 32-bit libraries instead of 64-bit libraries, but it's not part of the VDT. VOMS on 64-bit.

GUMS memory problems

We haven't heard any updates.