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VDT Office Hours 13 April 2006


CEMon and configure_gip

The VDT team has made small alterations to the configure_gip script, which is mostly maintained by the Iowa folks (Anand and Eric). They will check out our recent changes. These changes add support for CEMon.

CA Certificates

Leigh requested that when we update the CA Certificates, we email the GOC directly, and they will propagate the information to all OSG folks that need to know about it.

MDS 2, Open LDAP

CMS is having serious reliability problems with MDS 2. With the number of queries they are getting (mostly from LCG sites), OpenLDAP crashes frequently and unpredictably. The VDT team will investigate an update from Globus that, while minimally supported, might help considerably. If it doesn't work, there might be other interesting possiblities (just use OpenLDAP, use MDS 4 + a conversion to LDAP), but these are likely to take much longer to investigate, and CMS needs a solution as soon as possible.