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VDT Office Hours 4 May 2006



No update on GUMS memory leak yet.

VDS on Fedora Core 4

A recent software update on Fedora Core 4 changed the version of glibc, which affected some pre-compiled versions of software, including the virtual data system (VDS). This affects LIGO, and David Meyers asked what versions of VDS we have in VDT 1.3.10. We currently have:

We distribute these under different names. The mapping is:

You should be able to tell which one you installed by looking in the vdt-install.log file.

VDT 1.3.11 release

The plan was to do a code freeze on VDT 1.3.11 very soon, perhaps this week, and a release a week later. For two high-priority reasons, we are likely to delay the release. We're open to people giving us other high-priority reasons to not delay the release and get the new VOMS distributed as soon as possible. The reasons are: