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VDT Office Hours 18 May 2006



Gabriele asked if we could upgrade to a more recent version of CEMon in VDT 1.3.11. We agreed that it would not be a problem, and we'll do it as soon as we get the latest RPMs from Massimo.


Burt reported on his continuing saga with MDS and BDII. Because his Scientific Linux 4 test computer at Florida has OpenLDAP 2.2.x, the GLUE schema needs to be changed slightly. It's probably not significant changes, but the ordering stuff in the schema doesn't work with the latest version of OpenLDAP. He's talking to Laurence Field about this.

While looking at this, Burt noticed that the GLUE schema deployed in the OSG and in LCG are slightly different. We all thought that they were identical. He's investigating further and will keep us informed and in the loop.


We briefly talked about the Iowa group's work on MDS 4. They are building something like the Generic Information Provider for MDS4 called the Modular Information Provider, or MIP. Due to funding uncertainties, they do not know how much they can commit to it. MIP provides all of the information in the current GLUE schema, but in XML format for MDS 4 instead of LDIF for MDS 2.

Alain talked about how this could be changed to allow interoperability with LCG. One possibility is that the MIP simultaneously outputs LDIF to a file and we run a slightly modified BDII that reads from this file instead of from MDS 2. Another possibility is that something else converts the XML to LDIF, and then uses the BDII in the same way to publish the information. At this stage though, these are all just ideas

Old platforms

Alain whined that people always ask for VDT support for new platforms, but don't ever tell us when they don't need old platforms. The VDT still supports RedHat 7 and 9. The VDT team is contemplating dropping support for some older versions of Linux. We'll probably start wider discussion in the community sometime soon about this. You're always welcome to contact us sooner if you have an opinion.