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VDT Office Hours 25 May 2006


GT 4 PRIMA problems

John Weigand has been having some problems with PRIMA working with WSGRAM. Alain recommended talking to Vikram--the developer of PRIMA--since he is also at Fermilab. If he likes, he can also went the VDT team more information about the problem, and we can try to help out.


LIGO has asked for TclGlobus to be in the VDT. We are doing a technical review of and will bring it up with the OSG Executive Team Plus to discuss adding it to the VDT.

Today we had a technical discussion about TclGlobus. The VDT team has already done some minor investigation. After today's discussion, we decided several things about how TclGlobus would be added to the VDT. First, we would bring along Tcl, to make sure that we have the version that we built against, and to make sure it's a known good version. Second, we'll include Tk as an optional additional installation. While Tk is not required by TclGlobus, if we're going to bring along Tcl, we should include Tk for people that want to use it. TclGlobus includes a number of test scripts that we'll try to use in our VDT testing. No problems are expected to when we distribute binary versions of TclGlobus, except for hard-coded paths in libtool files, and the VDT team can fix that easily.


Alain talked again about the upcoming version of Globus in VDT 1.3.11. It will be Globus 4.0.2 + many patches. Most of the patches are coming from the so-called community branch, a CVS branch from Globus 4.0.1 that is used by TeraGrid. We are trying to converge on a single version of Globus for use by TeraGrid and the VDT.

The LIGO folks are having problems with really long times to connect to servers in Globus 4.0.2. They will file a ticket with Globus Bugzilla, and will copy Alain Roy on it.

MDS 2 and BDII

Burt has no new news about MDS2 and BDII