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VDT Office Hours 6 July 2006



Burt asked a few questions about Condor-C and gLite. They were beyond the VDT team's expertise, so Alain referred Burt to other members of the Condor team that can help.

VDT 1.3.11

Wow, this VDT 1.3.11 release is stubbornly refusing to be finished. This week we had to rebuild Globus and repackage it a couple of times. We've spent a lot of time tracking down tricky build problems. We think we're getting really close to a code freeze now, but there are still a few problems to iron out. We're working on it hard, and will have it done as soon as we can. Code freeze early next week?


John and Alain talked about some problems that have cropped up due to GT4 PRIMA. The new version of GT4 PRIMA is now in the VDT, so that is good. There are several additional files that need to be edited upon installation, and this does not yet happen. The VDT team will try to get it in for VDT 1.3.11 if possible, otherwise in VDT 1.3.12.