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VDT Office Hours 10 August 2006


Dropping Support: RedHat 7 and RedHat 9

Based on the feedback from the VDT community, we are likely to drop support for RedHat 7. We're still waiting for feedback from a couple of stakeholders. Most people also indicate that they do not use RedHat 9 anymore, except maybe LIGO. We will keep the community updated. When we have a final answer, we'll let people know.


Rob Quick reports that the debug level for the SRM V1 client is set at the highest level in the VDT. When one runs srm-copy, it produces too much debugging output. It was suggested that this configuration parameter be at a lower setting or completely disabled. The VDT is happy to change this parameter and feed the suggestion back "upstream" to the developer.

Upgrading VDT Installations

Alain Roy will soon circulate a document about the VDT Team's thoughts on making smooth upgrades work. We hope that people will be able to comment on it.

Moving VDT mailing lists

In the near future, probably by the beginning of September, the VDT mailing lists will be moved to a new address. We'll make the transition as smooth as possible, probably by forwarding from the old mailing lists. These are the changes:

Old NameNew Name>>

New Platform: PowerPC BCCD

Shaowen Wang asked about the state of the port to PowerPC on the Bootable Cluster CD Linux distribution. It is still being discussed internally, but there is a good chance that it will happen.