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VDT Office Hours 02 November 2006


Dropping Packages

The VDT team announced on the mailing list that it would like to drop support for the following packages: NetLogger, the Fault Tolerant Shell, the ClassAds library, and JobMon. It was also proposed to remove support for Clarens, but Conrad Steenberg responded that there are two National Virtual Observatory projects, one at Caltech and one at SDSC, that use the VDT distribution of Clarens.

There were no complaints about removing these four other packages though.

VDT 1.5.1

It was announced that the upcoming developer's series release, VDT 1.5.1, is expected to be completed and made publically available in next few days. This release will contain new mechanisms to assist in the ability to do "side-by-side" installs of the VDT. It is not expected that this release will be widely deployed.

Alain Roy will ask for support from John Weigand to help test out the new features of this release.

VDT 1.6.0

December 15th, 2006 is the proposed release date for the next stable series release of the VDT. There will be a development release, VDT 1.5.2, roughly two weeks before this date. Afterwards there will only be fix for any minor bugs discovered between 1.5.2 and 1.6.0.

Alain also proclaimed that the next version of Globus will need to be in place for the VDT team by November 15th.

Installing the VDT on AFS

Wayne Betts reported problems with installing the VDT on an AFS filesystem. He commented that he needed to hack internal installation scripts to remove calls to the chown UNIX command that are prevalent in VDT. Alain and Wayne will discuss his issues at a later date.

TclGlobus 1.4

Alain had problems building the latest version of TclGlobus, but now reports that he was able to build the 32-bit flavor of this package successfully. He will attempt to get the 64-bit flavor to build as well, but will release a 32-bit version only if he is unable to do so in time for the next VDT release.

SGE JobManager

The current plan is to have the SGE JobManager package updated in time for VDT 1.6.0. The VDT team, however, is ruminating over whether to upgrade the current JobManager, which is provided by a U.K. university, or to use another script developed by a Polish software company and released for free. We will have to take feedback from community members who are more experienced with the Sun GridEngine.

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