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VDT Office Hours 07 December 2006


Status Update

VDT 1.5.2 was released yesterday. New Globus, better service management, preserve configuration. Documentation forthcoming. Preserve config from old VDT install, will copy config for VOMS, GUMS, & EDG mkgridmap. Small updates, bugs fixed, etc.

Plan to stabilize for VDT 1.6.0 in the next couple weeks. Documentation. Testing, resolve known problems. You can see our task lists for VDT 1.6.0 below. We rate priorities on a 1-4 scale, with 4 being the top priority for the next release, 3 being top priority for the next stable release, 2 is medium priority, and 1 is low priority. For VDT 1.6.0, priorities 4 and 3 are equivalent, but some priority 3 tasks may be dropped if we run out of time. Tasks that are 1 or 2 are unlikely to happen for 1.6.0.

Priority 4 tasks
Priority 3 & 4 tasks
Will post links: Next release (priority 4) and Next stable release (priority 3+4)

Aiming for "before Christmas", probably not December 15th, though.

OpenSSL Update

Ed asked: Know of plans in globus team to update OpenSSL?

Open bugs with Globus: 4743 4617

No projected finish date for update. There have been a lot of important security patches added to OpenSSL. Alain knows about exponent-3 certificates. Ed: 0.9.8d has several security patches. As for the exponent-3 thing, community checked and found nothing. Not aware of backporting within Globus. Tim says that a wew version is in Globus's CVS, but doesn't know when it will be released.


Latest version didn't make it in time for VDT 1.5.2, will be in 1.6.0.

OSG package into VDT

OSG packages moving into VDT how extensive is this?

Site Verify package, a tool for running testsm is now in the VDT.

OSG CE list of packages now in VDT. Now VDT can test exact packages. Maintained in CVS.

May move more packages over time, but not sure what it means. Have lots of tools to maintain packages, but haven't sorted it all out.

[Lisa] What are differences between VDT and OSG integration effort? OSG software stack is based on VDT. Most software comes from VDT. They take subset of VDT, plus add some OSG configuration. Integration effort tests the OSG stack before going to production; test at scale with real applications. VDT tests base configuration, no apps.

[Lisa] 1.5.2 is a development release. Will it affect the OSG software stack? In two weeks: We will harden 1.5.2 and release it as 1.6.0, which OSG will test and verify, ultimately will become OSG 0.6.0. OSG takes VDT stable releases.

[Lisa] What happens if OSG discovers bug that relates to VDT. OSG bug goes to OSG GOC; if they think it's really a VDT bug, they forward it to our ticket system. Decide on case-by-case basis how to best get fix back into OSG. If it's a Globus bug, turn it to Globus, try to get a patch back to VDT and OSG. Can have three bug tickets: OSG, VDT, Globus. OSG & VDT tied tightly together. What about EGEE? They get separate releases, but from same basic source.

SRM Client & Java 5

SRM client was packaged by 0.4.1. Leigh asked to provide critical update. Leigh did, packaged, but testing turned up a need for Java 5. OSG doesn't have a release that includes JDK 5. When did Java 5 get added? VDT 1.5.0. Adding it is tricky. Not sure we can change to Java 5 not sure all components can handle it? Can Globus run under Java 5? Yes. Don't know about some components, like CEMon. Heard informal things. Heard GUMS may work. Nothing about VOMS Admin. Can't recommend upgrading to Java 5.

Can we start asking component developers? Yes, but probably not in time for VDT 1.6.0. Doesn't seem to be a problem to have both installed. How do we get new SRM client into existing caches? Don't know, it's hard. Can SRM Client folks create a version that uses Java 1.4? Don't know.

Should we move Globus to Java 5? Does it work better with Java 5? [Lisa:] Don't know. Is Globus doing tests with 1.4, 1.5, or both?

And then Java 1.6 and 1.7 are coming soon. Will probably just have to live with multiple versions.


[LIGO] David will set up a login for Alain to do debugging.

[workspaces] In, but not quite ready. Will be in for 1.6.0.

BDII. No GRIS in OSG 0.6.0. What will be the replacement? Probably CEMon. Or, if there are problems, some simple script to push "it" out. [Leigh] Plans to create OSG-wide BDII. Each site runs a CEMon, so build on that. Use central BDII.

LCG uses glue schema from BDII. [Leigh] Are we changing glue schema? Small problem with case sensitivity. Ransom addressing it. Schema needs to be modified for newer versions of OpenLDAP, but doesn't change semantics. VDT hasn't made any glue schema changes. Can GROW recommend possible changes? Anand will look. VDT is ready for new configure_gip. [Anand] It's almost ready.

Need to coordinate things like OSG CE. Need to keep Suchandra in the loop on future developments. VTB will be renamed for ITB, eventually go production. OSG CE package in VDT 1.5.2. There should be OSG OSG CE package with one entry pointing to VDT OSG CE package. John says that the VDT copy isn't being tested yet. [Rob G] Concerned: During development, not sure what belongs in OSG. Mitigating factors: OSG can always add stuff in their cache. Plus, we'll change things after a release. Eventually, Alain will teach Leigh how to edit package in VDT. Can always pull out contents for VTB. Thus, not limiting, offers better testing and integration.

Making VDT components available via RPM. Especially PyGlobus. However, PyGlobus is probably one of the hardest to do. But lots of people want RPMs, and we're trying to get to it ASAP. Make a few RPMs, but not worth giving to OSG. Do have RPMs for Globus, could use that to build PyGlobus against.