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VDT Office Hours 04 January 2007


VDT 1.6.0 Information

The VDT team released the latest stable series 1.6.0 version of the VDT right before the holiday break. VDT 1.6.0 is currently being tested on the Open Science Grid (OSG) validation test bed. This testing will conclude shortly and is expected to produce a small number of bugs that will be fixed for VDT 1.6.1. This next release is currently planned for early next week and will only contain minor changes. It will be deployed on the OSG validation test bed for more thorough testing.

David Meyers from Caltech reported that he was able to run the site verification test using the OSG's version of VDT 1.6.0. Suchandra Thapa also reported success with the site verification test using the VDT's cache.

Rocks4 Support

Alan Sill asked whether the VDT has plans to support the lastest version of Rocks. Alain Roy commented that there were no specific plans to exclude support, but if it is important it will be added soon. Because the VDT supports RedHat Enterprise Server 4, Alain believes that Rocks4 may work using the pretend flag. This will be discussed this further offline.

On Using CEMon

The question was posed on how CEMon is being deployed in the Open Science Grid. Alain Roy stated that John Roshack (Indiana) is in charge of the transition. Leigh Grundhoefer (Indiana) has also done some testing to make sure that CEMon works as expected. Leigh also conducted some minor scalability testing (40-60 nodes); it appears that CEMon does not use too much more resources than MDS.

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