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VDT Office Hours 18 January 2007


VDT 1.6.1 Information

VDT 1.6.1 seems to be in good shape, we're just waiting for final approval from the OSG Validation Testbed. But during the meeting, a few comments came in:


Rob Quick asked Alan Sill about the state of a GOC ticket where he asked if the latest GSI OpenSSH works with PRIMA. Alan hasn't tested it himself, but Brian Bockelman has, therefore we can close the ticket.

Pacman running globus-job-run

Levente Hajdu from BNL/STAR asked about a problem he is having with a Globus job that installs files with Pacman from a GridFTP server. Apparently Pacman does a globus-job-run before transferring files with GridFTP, and this fails for Globus jobs since they have a limited proxy. Alain doesn't know the best workaround for this problem, but agreed to follow up with Saul Youssef, author of Pacman, about it. Update: Alain has contacted Saul and will follow through.