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VDT Office Hours 01 February 2007


CEMon Problems

CEMon is reported to be broken in VDT 1.6.1. There are reports of server crashes, memory leaks, and missing data. Tayna has rolled a newer version of the CEMon server locally and is currently testing; as of today the new version does not exhibit the same behavior as the current version available in the VDT. The VDT team will figure out what is the right version of CEMon that should be included in the next stable release. Furthermore, the VDT team will also look into building and packaging the gLite java clients locally; this will require a dialouge with the developers to help understand how to build the CEMon server.

Gabriel has also reported that he made a request with the CEMon developers to include a raw dialect in the next version of the CEMon server. It is not clear whether the VDT team will be able patch older versions of CEMon to incorporate this new functionality. John Weigand also would like to add a properties file to the CEMon server to add additional debug information when BDII messages are transmitted.

VDT 1.6.1a

The VDT team is working on a minor update to the latest stable release. This next release will be tested on the Open Science Grid validation test bed before moving out to the integration test bed and production sites. The major changes in 1.6.1a include a security fix for Squid, a patch for the JobEnvironment package, and other small bug fixes.

There was some minor discussion about another bug for JobEnvironment that prevents users from submitting PBS jobs. Alain is not sure at this point how to solve the problem or replicate it. Erik offered to test on a server installed with PBS locally and report what he finds as soon as possible.