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VDT Office Hours 15 February 2007


VDT 1.6.1a

The VDT team is in the final days of testing the upcoming 1.6.1a release. The OSG validation test bed has done extensive testing; Rob Quick would like to open this up to the OSG integration test bed some time later today. The proposed update process is ??? (shell script?). The expected release date will be either by the end of the week or early next week.

There are two outstanding issues with the 1.6.1a release. First, there is a problem reported about a missing Globus log directory. Tim will look into this after the meeting. The second problem reported by David Meyers is that the site verify script fails to identify MonaLisa, even though it is working just fine. The VDT team will get in touch with the developers about resolving this problem. David will also coordinate with Rob Garnder about resolving this issue.

VDT 1.7.0 Wishlist

It was requested that the next development series release of the VDT migrate all components to Java 1.5. Tim Cartwright commented that we have already discussed with developers about certifying their applications on this newer version of Java.

Currently the only package that uses Java 1.5, MySQL, and Tomcat 5.5 is Gratia.

New VDT Team Member

Lastly, the VDT team is proud to announce an addition to the Wisconsin team, Scot Kronenfeld. Scot comes to the VDT from Epic Systems in Madison, WI.