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VDT Office Hours 15 March 2007


Future Plans for the VDT

The focus of today's office hours was to take requests about what people would like to see in upcoming versions of the VDT. This discussion was already started at the OSG meeting last week (see this document), but the VDT team wanted to get feedback from non-OSG users. The OSG executive team will decide on what the priorities are for the next release by April 1st.

Alain Sill brought up the question about how open this process will be for non-OSG users. Namely, he was interested in 64-bit support for VOMS and storage-related packages. Alain Roy pointed out that the VDT team is happy to collect information from users and that the OSG executive team will be sure to take all requests seriously.

Abhishek volunteered to follow up with larger VOs to get their set of requirements. He also expressed an interest in streamlining the entire process.


A question about whether SyslogNG was ready to be deployed on the OSG's Validation Test Bed. Alain commented that they are still waiting for additional packages from Brian Teirney, which are needed to actually collect the log information. It was suggested that the initial testing could just use information from /var/messages, but this poses some security problems.