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VDT Office Hours 05 April 2007


VDT 1.6.1d Security Update

The VDT team released a small update last week to fix a minor security problem in Tomcat-5.5. The problem that this fix addresses does not affect many users; Tomcat-5.5 is only used by the Gratia-Reporting, which is not believed to be widely deployed. The update was an exercise in our internal operations and procedures so that we can be better prepared when a critical security hole is discovered and we need to make an immediate update.

Alain reports that the team did not uncover any difficult problems in creating an update package for Tomcat-5.5. We believe, however, that updating Apache will prove more difficult due to the number of configuration files that must be changed.

New Changes

There is now initial support for VOMS-RS in the VDT. This provides an interface on top of VOMS for users to submit requests to VO managers. The VDT team recently met with Tanya Levshina to discuss how to improve the integration in VDT installations. Alain estimates that it will be four to six weeks before these developments are completed.

The VDT team is still collecting requirements from the community about what they would like to see in future versions of the VDT. The team has also already begun discussions with the OSG executive team about priorities. Alain Roy sent an updated priorities list out last week. Abhishek Rana collected reports from VO representatives, but received few responses.

GIP Changes

Burt Holzman reports that Anand Padmanabhan will be sending the VDT team a patch for the Generic-Information-Provider package. It will update the template and configuration script to improve interoperability with LCG and fix problems in handling newline characters. Burt also commented that he is also working on a dynamic plug-in script for PBS to allow users to find out about job information on a per VO basis. The VDT expects to have the patches sent to them early next week, and an update available for download by the end of the week.

WS-GRAM Problems

David Meyers reports that he is having problems running a large number of jobs through WS-GRAM. He is in contact with the Globus developers; Alain will assist as needed.

JobManager Environment Variables

It was also reported that $SCRATCH is being inherited from the root's environment on Itanium Suse 9. This causes inconsistent Perl libraries. Alain commented that the VDT pre-compiles a select list of Perl modules for the various installation environments that the VDT may encounter. This particular platform has caused problems in testing in the past; Alain will follow up with the user and investigate further.

Troubleshooting Questions

Several of the attendees had operational questions about the VDT: