Note: This web site is only kept up to date for OSG Software 1.2 (VDT 2.0.0). If you are looking for information for the most recent release, the RPM-based OSG Software 3.0, please see the OSG documentation web site

VDT Office Hours 19 April 2007


VDT 1.6.1f Released

Tuesday saw the release of VDT 1.6.1f, another small update. Updates:

Release notes and update instructions are available at:

File Staging Problems with WS-GRAM

Ravi is noticing problems staging files in for WS-GRAM jobs on a new VDT 1.6 installation when using the XML job description files; a previous 1.4 installation worked fine. This installation uses a grid mapfile, not PRIMA. Numerous suggestions were offered for debugging the problem. If none of them succeeds, Ravi will send a problem report to vdt-support.

Setting up a Submit Machine

Ravi was also trying to set up a separate submit machine using an OSG client installation. He wondered how to get a GridFTP server working without having to install the entire server software stack.

After the meeting, Tim checked and found that the GridFTP server is installed as part of the OSG-CE package, so it should already be present. Make sure it’s flagged to be enabled and then start it with

vdt-control --on gsiftp

VOMS Status

Tim had some quick news about VOMS. We are in the process of building software for VDT 1.7.0, and VOMS is one package getting an update. The good news is that VOMS built on nine platforms, including several x86-64 and IA-64 machines. There is no build yet for AIX, because MySQL fails to build there, nor RHEL 5, due to some problems with the native OpenSSL installation there.

Now, just because VOMS builds does not mean it is going to work correctly everywhere, but we have high hopes! Stay tuned as VDT 1.7.0 development continues.