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VDT Office Hours 31 May 2007


State of the VDT

VDT 1.7.0 was released on Tuesday, 29-May-2007. Notable changes:

The VDT release schedule has shifted ahead two weeks. So VDT 1.7.1 is now scheduled for the end of June while VDT 1.8.0 is scheduled for mid-July. This is to get in a new version of Globus that will greatly reduce maintenance costs because it rolls in hundreds of patches (the Teragrid community branch) that we were previously applying ourselves. Ed asked if this update would include the new OpenSSL or not. Alain has been talking to the Globus folks about that, and it seems unlikely, but he will ask them about it again.

Spam on vdt-discuss

There has been spam on the vdt-discuss mailing list: someone succesfully subcribed our list to a Yahoo Group that sends spam. Alain has tried to unsubscribe us, but failed. He'll work on it.

PPDG Certificate Scripts

Doug has a new version of the PPDG certificate scripts. There is a new script written in Python that requires a Python module to be installed. Because it is needed by relatively few people and because there are a lot of high priority VDT items, we decided to simply tell users that if they want to use the new script, they have to install the Python module themselves. We'll see if we can improve this in the future, probably after VDT 1.8.0.

VOMS bug

Rob Quick asked about VDT ticket 1670, which is about a VOMS problem (overly tight ownership checking on the vomses file). Alain agreed to follow up with the VOMS developers again. After the meeting he created a ticket in the EGGE bug tracking system.