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VDT Office Hours 02 August 2007


VDT 1.8.0 released

VDT 1.8.0 was released yesterday, 1-August-2007. Highlights are available here. Three updates of particular note for OSG sites:

OSG ITB 0.7.0 coming today

Rob Quick said that the OSG Integration Testbed release 0.7.0 (based on VDT 1.8.0) will be released and announced later today.

Thoughts on the next major VDT release

Even though almost no one has yet installed VDT 1.8.0, we're already thinking about the next major VDT release (probably VDT 2.0) which will be released in December. We'll begin collecting requirements for this release shortly, so if you have opinions, gather them up and send them our way.

In the past, we required software to be given to the VDT team only a couple of weeks in advance of the release. We are considering requiring software to be given to us earlier to reduce the stress of the release process and to give us the ability to make a quality release on time.


John Weigand cut a new release of the Gratia services today and requested that they be delivered as an update for VDT 1.8.0. The VDT team agreed to do it early next week.

Given that the VDT is now shipping an up-to-date version of the Gratia services, we need to explain to site administrators why they would care about running a local Gratia service and how to set it up to collect local information and forward it to the central Gratia collector.