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VDT Office Hours 27-September 2007


VDT 1.8.1a released

VDT 1.8.1a was released this week. There were quite a few bug fixes. Glexec works now, as do job submissions to SGE via GRAM 4. More details

VDT 1.8.1b update plans

We are planning a few updates for VDT 1.8.1b including adding stunnel (to encrypt syslog-ng communication) and some Globus fixes.

Shreyas asked if the fixes for SGE's Gratia accounting are planned. Alain confirmed that they were fixed in VDT 1.8.1.a.

Ed Maros tested our changes for VDT 1.8.1b to only install Tcl if the system Tcl isn' new enough. This is important for LIGO when installing TclGlobus.

Upcoming Releases

No one had any new requests for the next major stable release of the VDT.


Levente asked a question about MyProxy. No one knew the answer, so Alain suggested he submit it as a ticket, and he would get Jim Basney, author of MyProxy, to help out. (VDT ticket 3021)

Levente also asked a question about submitting GT2 jobs. He can submit jobs with the Globus command-line tools but not Condor-G. Alain said that the most common reason for this is a firewall. For more details, see "7. Does Condor-G fail when Globus commmands succeed?" in the VDT's job troubleshooting documentation.