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Building Globus for VDT 1.1.13

To build Globus for VDT 1.1.13, we check out Globus 2.4.3 using the globus_2_4_3 tag and the Globus packaging tools from tag globus_3_0_2, then we apply the patches that follow. If you like, you can look at the source code after it has been patched.

Patches for VDT 1.1.13

Name Description Diff Globus Reference
00__globus_common-3-17 Fixes memory leak in globus_common. diff Bugzilla 1449
Advisory 2003-12-12, globus_common-3.17
01__globus_gridftp_server-1-12 Fixes bugs in GridFTP server diff Bugzilla 1306
Bugzilla 1309
Bugzilla 1365 Advisory 2003-11-24, globus_gridftp_server-1.12
02__globus_openssl-0-19 Fixes bug and updates OpenSSL to 0.9.6l diff Bugzilla 1455
Advisory 2003-12-17, globus_openssl-0.19
03__bug-892-fix Fix bug with X509_* environment variables in globus_gss_assist
Globus has fixed this bug, but not released an advisory for it
diff Bugzilla 892
04__gsi_sysconfig Add missing comma diff No Globus reference, but checked-in after Globus 2.4.3.
05__openldap-2-0-22-patch Fixes LDAP timeout patches to openldap libraries.
Fixes logic and overflow errors affecting socket I/O.
diff Bugzilla 1201
Advisory 2004-01-22, globus_openldap-2.0.22
06__bug-956-fix Fixes missing objects in MDS diff Bugzilla 1483
Advisory 2004-01-14, globus_ldapmodules-0.14
07__grid-info-soft-register Timeout parameters for OpenLDAP diff Bugzilla 1483
Advisory 2004-01-14, globus_ldapmodules-0.14 Bugzilla 1201
Advisory 2004-01-22, globus_openldap-2.0.22
09__ftp_client_state Do not use an active connection for LIST commands, because it would cause unnecessary failures in a firewalled envrionment. diff Bugzilla 1534
10__gridftpd_magicgroup Minor improvement to GridFTP server for EDG/LCG. diff N/A
11__gss_assist_gridmap Enhancement by EDG: "gridmapdir" functions allow a pool of pre-created anonymous accounts to be mapped to real users (DNs) at run-time, without further intervention by a sysadmin. The functionality is disabled and does not affect any installations unless the environment variable GRIDMAPDIR points to a directory that has been initialized with the anonymous accounts (/etc/grid-security/gridmapdir). diff N/A
12__job_manager_fast Improvement for job manager to cache job state, thereby reducing load on gatekeeper node. diff Bugzilla 802
13__job_manager_acct Accounting log for job management diff Bugzilla 1538
14__gatekeeper_acct Log rotation & job accounting diff Bugzilla 1538
15__gatekeeper_reuse This patch makes the gatekeeper port reusable. This is useful when gatekeeper is run as a daemon and is quit and restarted. diff Bugzilla 1536
16__setup-globus-gatekeeper Allow setup script for gatekeeper to take parameters for locations for x509 files. diff Bugzilla 1537
17__lsf_acct Allow LSF to log job accounting info diff Bugzilla 1538
18__script-lsf-queue Change LSF monitoring to allow job accounting to work for failed jobs. diff Bugzilla 1538
19__find-lsf-tools Find bacct for LSF tools, needed for accounting diff Bugzilla 1538
20__pbs_env_hack Some version of PBS are upset by commas in environment variables. GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE has commas in it, so this unsets that variable in the PBS job manager. diff Bugzilla 1556
21__gssapi_import_cred Fix file descriptor leak diff Bugzilla 1541
22__globus_io_common Fix memory leak in Globus I/O diff Bugzilla 1542
23__globus_io_tcp This is a fix for a race condition between successful bind() on a reusable port followed by failed listen(). diff Bugzilla 1543
24__gass_server_ez Patch to fix memory leaks in EZ GASS Server diff Bugzilla 1544
25__gass_transfer Fix for memory leak and error in logic diff Bugzilla 1545
26__gram_protocol_io Fix a file descriptor leak and a potential deadlock in GRAM diff Bugzilla 1546
27__gram_client Fix memory leaks in the GRAM client. diff Bugzilla 1547
28__gram_job_manager_script Fix job race state condition in the GRAM job manager. diff Bugzilla 1548
29__StdioMerger diff
30__nfssync_thin_JobManager diff
31__nfssync_thin_condor_in diff
32__nfssync_thin_lsf_in diff
33__nfssync_thin_pbs_in diff
34__gass_transfer_http Patch for memory leak and off by one error in GASS HTTP transfer diff Bugzilla 1555
35__io_common Patch for memory leaks in Globus I/O diff Bugzilla 1549
36__gram_job_manager_query Patch for race condition in job manager diff Bugzilla 1550
37__gram_job_manager_state Patch for race condition in job manager diff Bugzilla 1551
38__globusrun Patch for race condition in globusrun diff Bugzilla 1552
39__gsi_proxy Patch for memory leak in GSI diff Bugzilla 1553
40__gass_transfer_http Patch to deal with dropped HTTP connections diff Bugzilla 1554
41__jobmanager_syslog diff
42__ftp_client_restart_marker Fixes leak in internal handling of restart markers in GridFTP diff Advisory 2004-01-14, globus_ftp_client-1.10
43__grid_proxy_init Fix to avoid dependence on $PATH containing $GLOBUS_LOCATION/bin diff Bugzilla 1589
bug950_lsf Gabriele's LSF patch from Bugzilla 950 diff Bugzilla 950