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Building Globus for VDT 1.2.6

To build Globus for VDT 1.2.6, we check out Globus 2.4.3 using the globus_2_4_3 tag and the Globus packaging tools from tag globus_3_0_2, then we apply the patches that follow.

Patches for VDT 1.2.6

Name Description Diff Globus Reference
00__globus_common-3-17 Fixes memory leak in globus_common. diff Bugzilla 1449
Advisory 2003-12-12, globus_common-3.17
01__globus_gridftp_server-1-12 Fixes bugs in GridFTP server diff Bugzilla 1306
Bugzilla 1309
Bugzilla 1365
Advisory 2003-11-24, globus_gridftp_server-1.12
02__globus_openssl-0-19 Fixes bug and updates OpenSSL to 0.9.6l diff Bugzilla 1455
Advisory 2003-12-17, globus_openssl-0.19
03__bug-892-fix Fix bug with X509_* environment variables in globus_gss_assist
Globus has fixed this bug, but not released an advisory for it
diff Bugzilla 892
04__gsi_sysconfig Add missing comma diff No Globus reference, but checked-in after Globus 2.4.3.
05__openldap-2-0-22-patch Fixes LDAP timeout patches to openldap libraries.
Fixes logic and overflow errors affecting socket I/O.
diff Bugzilla 1201
Advisory 2004-01-22, globus_openldap-2.0.22
06__bug-956-fix Fixes missing objects in MDS diff Bugzilla 1483
Advisory 2004-01-14, globus_ldapmodules-0.14
07__grid-info-soft-register Timeout parameters for OpenLDAP diff Bugzilla 1483
Advisory 2004-01-14, globus_ldapmodules-0.14 Bugzilla 1201
Advisory 2004-01-22, globus_openldap-2.0.22
08__globus_hack Improve the time format in GridFTP logging. diff
09__ftp_client_state Do not use an active connection for LIST commands, because it would cause unnecessary failures in a firewalled envrionment. diff Bugzilla 1534
10__gridftpd_magicgroup Minor improvement to GridFTP server for EDG/LCG. diff N/A
11__gss_assist_gridmap Enhancement by EDG: "gridmapdir" functions allow a pool of pre-created anonymous accounts to be mapped to real users (DNs) at run-time, without further intervention by a sysadmin. The functionality is disabled and does not affect any installations unless the environment variable GRIDMAPDIR points to a directory that has been initialized with the anonymous accounts (/etc/grid-security/gridmapdir). diff N/A
12__job_manager_fast Improvement for job manager to cache job state, thereby reducing load on gatekeeper node. diff Bugzilla 802
13__job_manager_acct Accounting log for job management diff Bugzilla 1538
14__gatekeeper_acct Log rotation & job accounting diff Bugzilla 1538
15__gatekeeper_reuse This patch makes the gatekeeper port reusable. This is useful when gatekeeper is run as a daemon and is quit and restarted. diff Bugzilla 1536
16__setup-globus-gatekeeper Allow setup script for gatekeeper to take parameters for locations for x509 files. diff Bugzilla 1537
17__lsf_acct Allow LSF to log job accounting info diff Bugzilla 1538
18__script-lsf-queue Change LSF monitoring to allow job accounting to work for failed jobs. diff Bugzilla 1538
19__find-lsf-tools Find bacct for LSF tools, needed for accounting diff Bugzilla 1538
20__pbs_env_hack Some version of PBS are upset by commas in environment variables. GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE has commas in it, so this unsets that variable in the PBS job manager. diff Bugzilla 1556
21__gssapi_import_cred Fix file descriptor leak diff Bugzilla 1541
22__globus_io_common Fix memory leak in Globus I/O diff Bugzilla 1542
23__globus_io_tcp This is a fix for a race condition between successful bind() on a reusable port followed by failed listen(). diff Bugzilla 1543
24__gass_server_ez Patch to fix memory leaks in EZ GASS Server diff Bugzilla 1544
25__gass_transfer Fix for memory leak and error in logic diff Bugzilla 1545
26__gram_protocol_io Fix a file descriptor leak and a potential deadlock in GRAM diff Bugzilla 1546
27__gram_client Fix memory leaks in the GRAM client. diff Bugzilla 1547
28__gram_job_manager_script Fix job race state condition in the GRAM job manager. diff Bugzilla 1548
29__StdioMerger diff
30__nfssync_thin_JobManager diff
31__nfssync_thin_condor_in diff
32__nfssync_thin_lsf_in diff
33__nfssync_thin_pbs_in diff
34__gass_transfer_http Patch for memory leak and off by one error in GASS HTTP transfer diff Bugzilla 1555
35__io_common Patch for memory leaks in Globus I/O diff Bugzilla 1549
36__gram_job_manager_query Patch for race condition in job manager diff Bugzilla 1550
37__gram_job_manager_state Patch for race condition in job manager diff Bugzilla 1551
38__globusrun Patch for race condition in globusrun diff Bugzilla 1552
39__gsi_proxy Patch for memory leak in GSI diff Bugzilla 1553
40__gass_transfer_http Patch to deal with dropped HTTP connections diff Bugzilla 1554
41__jobmanager_syslog diff
42__ftp_client_restart_marker Fixes leak in internal handling of restart markers in GridFTP diff Advisory 2004-01-14, globus_ftp_client-1.10
43__grid_proxy_init Fix to avoid dependence on $PATH containing $GLOBUS_LOCATION/bin diff Bugzilla 1589
bug950_lsf Gabriele's LSF patch from Bugzilla 950 diff Bugzilla 950
44__job_manager_perl Fixes bad perl usage in Job manager scripts. diff Bugzilla:
45__globus_openssl-0-20 Upgrades for openssl. diff Bugzilla:
Advisory: 2004-03-18
46__ftp_control-1-10 Intermediate fixes for bug 318 diff Bugzilla: 318
Advisory: 2004-03-18
47__ldapmodules-bug-1609 Fixes LDAP bug (3.2beta MDS segfaults on static LDIF entries). diff Bugzilla: 1609
48__ftp_control-1-11 A fix for round-robin DNS setups diff Bugzilla: 318
Advisory 2004-05-11, globus_ftp_control-1.11
48a_ftp_control_client Fixes FTP control channel bug affecting LCG Disk Pool Manager diff  
49__pbs_gram_reporter_fixes Fixes for the PBS gram reporter diff  
73__gsi_credential_security Patch to address grid-proxy-init security hole diff Related to advisories from 2006-08-15