Note: This web site is only kept up to date for OSG Software 1.2 (VDT 2.0.0). If you are looking for information for the most recent release, the RPM-based OSG Software 3.0, please see the OSG documentation web site

Building Globus for VDT 1.3.5

To build Globus for VDT 1.3.5, we check out Globus 3.2.1 using the globus_3_2_1 tag then we apply the patches that follow. If you like, you can look at the source code after it has been patched.

You can download the tarball with the complete set of patches here

Note that the patches have not changed since VDT 1.3.0. However, we use RLS 3.0 from a pre-release of Globus 4.0 instead of the RLS that comes with Globus 3.2.1.

Patches for VDT 1.3.5

Name Description Diff Globus Reference
08__globus_hack Improve the time format in GridFTP logging. diff
10__gridftpd_magicgroup Minor improvement to GridFTP server for EDG/LCG. diff N/A
13__job_manager_acct Accounting log for job management diff Bugzilla 1538
14__gatekeeper_acct Log rotation & job accounting diff Bugzilla 1538
17__lsf_acct Allow LSF to log job accounting info diff Bugzilla 1538
18__script-lsf-queue Change LSF monitoring to allow job accounting to work for failed jobs. diff Bugzilla 1538
19__find-lsf-tools Find bacct for LSF tools, needed for accounting diff Bugzilla 1538
20__pbs_env_hack Some version of PBS are upset by commas in environment variables. GLOBUS_TCP_PORT_RANGE has commas in it, so this unsets that variable in the PBS job manager. diff Bugzilla 1556
26__gram_protocol_io Fix a file descriptor leak and a potential deadlock in GRAM diff Bugzilla 1546
28__gram_job_manager_script Fix job race state condition in the GRAM job manager. diff Bugzilla 1548
36__gram_job_manager_query Patch for race condition in job manager diff Bugzilla 1550
37__gram_job_manager_state Patch for race condition in job manager diff Bugzilla 1551
41__jobmanager_syslog diff
51__globus_ftp_client-2.9 Fix possible hang with mode e put and failed pasv from server
Fixes bug 1501.
diff Globus Advisory 2004-08-10
Bugzilla 1501
52__globus_gram_client_tools-4.3 Fixes bug 1745 (batch execution broken). diff Globus Advisory 2004-07-08
Bugzilla 1745
53__globus_io-5.5 Fix callback space handling (for mpich-g2) diff Globus Advisory 2004-08-12
54__globus_nexus-6.5 Fix bugs triggered by IO over XIO (for mpich-g2) diff Globus Advisory 2004-08-12
55__globus_xio-0.11 Fix possible hang with timeouts on open
Fix timeout handling in register accept()
diff Globus Advisory 2004-09-17
56__globus_xio_gsi Fix tight loop on select() in XIO library diff Bugzilla 1871
Bugzilla 2009
57__gss_assist_callout Fixes issue with printing call-out error messages diff Bugzilla 1871
58__find-condor-tools Fixes detectin of architecture to specify for Condor submissions diff Bugzilla 2853