Note: This web site is only kept up to date for OSG Software 1.2 (VDT 2.0.0). If you are looking for information for the most recent release, the RPM-based OSG Software 3.0, please see the OSG documentation web site

Patches for software in the VDT

When we build software for the VDT, we patch Globus and Apache.

Building Globus for VDT 1.3.9

To build Globus for VDT 1.3.9, we check out Globus 4.0 using the globus_4_0_1 tag then we apply the patches that follow. If you like, you can look at the source code after it has been patched.

You can download the tarball with the complete set of patches here

Patches for VDT 1.3.9

Name Description Diff Globus Reference
11__gss_assist_gridmap Enhancement by EDG/LCG: "gridmapdir" functions allow a pool of pre-created anonymous accounts to be mapped to real users (DNs) at run-time, without further intervention by a sysadmin. The functionality is disabled and does not affect any installations unless the environment variable GRIDMAPDIR points to a directory that has been initialized with the anonymous accounts (/etc/grid-security/gridmapdir). diff N/A
13__job_manager_acct Accounting log for job management diff Bugzilla 1538
14__gatekeeper_acct Log rotation & job accounting diff Bugzilla 1538
17__lsf_acct Allow LSF to log job accounting info diff Bugzilla 1538
18__script-lsf-queue Change LSF monitoring to allow job accounting to work for failed jobs. diff Bugzilla 1538
19__find-lsf-tools Find bacct for LSF tools, needed for accounting diff Bugzilla 1538
26__gram_protocol_io Fix a file descriptor leak and a potential deadlock in GRAM diff Bugzilla 1546
28__gram_job_manager_script Fix job race state condition in the GRAM job manager. diff Bugzilla 1548
36__gram_job_manager_query Patch for race condition in job manager diff Bugzilla 1550
37__gram_job_manager_state Patch for race condition in job manager diff Bugzilla 1551
41__jobmanager_syslog diff
58__seg_dependency.diff Fix GPT dependency problem in WS-GRAM's scheduler event generator diff Bugzilla 3770
59__persistence_dir.diff Allow Globus's persistence directory to be stored somewhere other than the home directory. diff Bugzilla 3750
60__condor_quoting.diff Fix quoting in Condor job submissions. diff Bugailla 3706
61__secure_transport_creds Fix missing credential subject in internal API. Needed for GT4 PRIMA. diff 1
diff b
Bugzilla 3891
62__fix_authorization_callout.diff When using authorization callout, GRAM will no longer check the grid-mapfile. diff
Bugzilla 3897
63__condor_log_permissions.diff Ensure that the Condor job manager makes the log file world-readable, otherwise only one user can submit jobs. diff
Bugzilla 3910


VDT 1.3.9 contains Apache 2.0.54. We build it with mod_ssl, mod_proxy, mod_rewrite, mod_python and mod_jk. We also apply two patches:

Name Description Diff
apache-GSI Patch Apache to be able to accept Globus's new and RFC style proxies. diff
apache-ctl Make Apache default to a config file in $VDT_LOCATION/apache/conf/httpd.conf. diff