Note: This web site is only kept up to date for OSG Software 1.2 (VDT 2.0.0). If you are looking for information for the most recent release, the RPM-based OSG Software 3.0, please see the OSG documentation web site

Patches for software in the VDT

When we build software for the VDT, we patch Globus and Apache.

Building Globus 4.2.1

To build Globus 4.2.1, we check out Globus 4.2,1 using the globus_4_2_1 tag then we apply the patches that follow.

You can download the tarball with the complete set of patches here.

Patches for Globus 4.2.1

Name Description Diff Ticket
011__gss_assist_gridmap Enhancement by EDG/LCG: "gridmapdir" functions allow a pool of pre-created anonymous accounts to be mapped to real users (DNs) at run-time, without further intervention by a sysadmin. The functionality is disabled and does not affect any installations unless the environment variable GRIDMAPDIR points to a directory that has been initialized with the anonymous accounts (/etc/grid-security/gridmapdir). diff N/A
065__prewsgram_multi_condor_log.diff Make pre-web GRAM use one log file per Condor job instead of one large log file that can't be rotated. diff
Bugzilla 4199
088__gram_condor_gratia_patch.diff Inform Gratia of completed job, if Gratia is in use.. diff
089__teragrid-pbs-fixes.diff Improvements to the PBS job manager made by TeraGrid. diff
097__osg_grid_globus_location.diff In an OSG installation, set a job's GLOBUS_LOCATION based on the OSG_GRID environment variable. This will not affect a non-OSG installation. diff
114__gratia_fqan.diff Allow Gratia to get extra information when a job is submitted. Gratia uses this to extract the FQAN (The VOMS fully qualified attribute name) from the user's proxy, if it exists. diff
117__job_status.diff diff
128__bug4696.diff Fix grid-cert-info so that it works with certificate files with names ending with .0. diff (Globus ticket 4696)
129__fork_env.diff Expand the job manager's environment so that Condor-G's grid monitor can find some Perl modules. diff
131__bug6084.diff Make PBS understand C state diff (Globus ticket 6084)
134__bug6437.diff Remove outdated file. It caused problems when making RPMs by adding a dependency on a Perl module that doesn't exist anymore. diff (Globus ticket 6437)
136__bug6510.diff Fix threading problem in use of OpenSSL diff (Globus ticket 6510) (VDT ticket 4481)
201__globus_gaa_authz_callout_setup_0.2.diff Globus advisory from 2008-11-13 diff (Globus ticket 4895) (Globus ticket 6388)
202__globus_authz_gaa_callout_0.4.diff Globus advisory from 2008-11-13 diff (Globus ticket 4895) (Globus ticket 6388)
203__globus_gsi_cert_utils_5.5.diff Globus advisory from 2008-12-01. diff (Globus ticket 6547) (Globus ticket 6599)
204__globus_gass_cache_5.4.diff Globus advisory from 2009-06-09. diff (Globus ticket 6720)
205__globus_gridftp_server_3.17.diff Globus advisory from 2009-07-07. diff Security advisory 2009-01
206__globus_gsi_proxy_core_3.7.diff Globus advisory from 2010-01-04 diff (Globus ticket 6910)
207__openssl_fix.diff Fix incompatibility with OpenSSL 0.9.8m diff