Virtual Data Toolkit version 0.5

VDT Status

Welcome to VDT 0.5. This is a preliminary version to show where the VDT is headed. The VDT is not yet a simple package you can download, but is a set of links to the software that will be included in VDT 1.0.

We expect that VDT 1.0 will be packaged with Pacman or GPT. After the release of the NMI toolkit, this may be changed.

VDT Timeline

January 2002---VDT 0.9 A preliminary packaged version of VDT containing the software described here. We say preliminary because it is clear that we can have a basic version working, but there is certain to be lots of discussion about the proper way to package the software. It is likely that we will use Pacman for this version of VDT.

February 2002--VDT 1.0 A well-tested, packaged version of VDT will be available in early to mid-February.

April 2002--VDT 1.x An updated version of the VDT will be made available after the NMI toolkit has been released, since the VDT may be based on the NMI toolkit.

VDT Downloads

VDT Server
VDT Client
VDT Developer