Note: This version of the VDT (1.1.8) is no longer supported. Feel free to look through the documentation and install it, but we cannot guarantee support for it. The current stable release is 2.0.0.

Virtual Data Toolkit 1.1.8 Release

VDT 1.1.8 Release

We are pleased to announce the availability of VDT 1.1.8. This is an incremental updated from VDT 1.1.7:

Please note: VDT 1.1.8 and VDT 1.1.7 have a different directory structure than previous versions of the VDT. In the past, Globus, Condor, and all other programs shared the same directorie: all binaries were in bin or sbin, configuration files were in etc, and so on. In VDT 1.1.8 and VDT 1.1.7, each piece of software is in a distinct directory, such as "globus", or "condor". If you have been using the or setup.csh files to set up your environment, this change should not affect you. If you have hardcoded pathnames, it may affect you.